“If you are not tending to your selfcare you can only operate at a marginal level.” – Aaron Ogden

Each of us has a far greater purpose than we know, but our mindset, our fears, and our habits limit our potential. These limitations serve as layers of self-made boxes that prevent us from achieving consistent growth. 

The Adventure Perspective is a training platform that helps participants move beyond their limitations and:

  • Gain greater confidence
  • Connect to a deeper meaning in life
  • Overcome fears
  • Set and surpass personal, professional, and physical goals
  • Establish a lifestyle of fulfillment, joy, and growth
  • Create personal and professional culture of achievement

Training for an adventure teaches us lessons that build character and help us see the best in ourselves. The Adventure Perspective is available to anyone, regardless of fitness level. The goal is not to turn participants into world-class athletes. The goal is to create world-class versions of ourselves.

Training Platform


Participants receive an adventure assessment to determine their health and fitness needs so they can fully participate in training programs.

Fitness Training

Tailored fitness training programs to meet each participant’s personal needs and prepare them for their adventure training experiences.

Skills Training

Each adventure training program has a specific skill set that is taught to each participant. Skills training is provided through virtual training clinics, video instruction, and group activities.

Evironmental Stewardship

Adventure Perspective emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship, Leave-No-Trace, protection of wildlife and respect to fellow adventurers.

Leadership Principals

Apply lessons learned from our adventure experiences. We are focused on helping team members incorporate Adventure Perspective Foundation Pillars into their lives and future grand activities.

Coaching and Accountability

We provide live coaching to enhance participant’s training experience as they prepare for upcoming outdoor activities and their grand adventures.

Trainerize App

Workout schedules and tracking, skills and fitness training, instructor assignments and group discussions powered by our Trainerize app.

Adventure Perspective Pillars

The Foundation Principals participants will learn how to apply to their lives & leadership practices.

Map It Out

Creative, strategic, attention-to-detail, planning, and organizing. Applying team and personal values and beliefs. Moral compass and mindfulness. Utilizing best practices.

Navigate and Journey

Problem-solving, decision making, and prioritizing. Developing and practicing skills. Trained, tactical, mindful, alert, adaptable, responsive.


Successful in launching, executing, and delivering. Proactive, prepared, confident, and focused. APPLYING all seven Pillars.

Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Managing challenges and overcoming fear. Disciplined, prepared, confident, focused, and alert. In-the-Zone. Pacing self, anticipating.

Fill the Gaps of Weakness with Strength

Bringing out the best in others. Team synergy, balance, loyalty, and trust. Listening, communicating, relationship building, leading AND following. Broad and precision focus.

Managing Risk

Alert, prepared smart decision-making. Educated, and utilizing best-practices. Consistent, quality performance. Setting boundaries. Healthy workload balance and resources.

Celebrating Good Times

Cultivating innovative, dynamic group culture by recognizing, rewarding, and motivating. Energizing the team, elevating others, and experiencing self-worth.