The Adventure Perspective Story.

Wrestling With Incompatible Behaviors

You now have a choice to listen to “I CAN’T do this” or listen to “ I CAN do this.”  You can only listen to one voice, and that voice will decide your actions.

Overcome Negative Self Talk

This is the story of Jennifer who quit and then used positive self-talk to get back in the game.

Annika Part II

Annika didn’t stop with just leading a canyon, she actually taught others to lead.

The Transformational Power of Fear

” At The Adventure Perspective, we work with clients to help them permanently remove self-imposed limitations created by unnecessary fear.”

Back Down South

The desert has been an amazing place of refuge and self discovery during the pandemic

First Time Leading

The story of Annika leading her first canyoneering adventure.

Haute Route Training

We have been training for 2 years to ski from Chamonix France to Zermatt Switzerland and we are going to have to wait one more year.

Celebrating 21 Years

I have been a personal trainer for 21 years and here’s to the next 20?

Backyard Adventure

One of the most physically difficult challenges biking, canyoneering, and packrafting in Moab.

Packrafting the Escalante River

This was one of the most amazing adventures ever combining packrafting and canyoneering.

River Wild

This was a Class IV self support adventure white water kayaking down the Bruneau and Jarbidge river. The nearest road to hike to was over 70 miles away….Now that’s wild.

Van Boerum and Frank Retreat

Hiking to the highest point in Arches National Park

Ghosting a Canyon

Using Ghosting technique for the first time in Quandry and Knotted Rope Canyon

ZIPFY Sledding

One of our most popular winter activities!!!

Butt Thumping Workouts

These are our KOLIFIT days having fun in fresh powder.